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Diary Of A Fiery Chameleon (Animal Diary Book 35)

Cache memory and Registers are special types of volatile memory that allows a computer to perform certain tasks much more quickly. The cache memory is a high speed circuitry that can either be built right into the CPU or very close to the CPU. Registers are built into the CPU to store intermediary results during processing. A good analogy from HowStuffWorks compares the computer to a librarian, data to books, and cache to a backpack.[14] Suppose somebody walks into a library and asks the librarian for a copy of the book Moby Dick. The librarian goes back into the room full of books, grabs that book, and gives it to the reader. Later that day, the reader returns, having finished the book, and gives it back to the librarian, who returns it to the same storage room. Then, a second reader walks in asking for the same book, Moby Dick. The librarian has to get up and go all the way back to the room in order to get the book he was just handling, which is a waste of time. Instead, suppose the librarian had a backpack that could store up to 10 books. When the first person returns Moby Dick, the librarian puts it into his backpack instead (after making sure the backpack doesn't have 10 books in it already.) Then, when the second person comes in requesting that same book, the librarian can just check his bag, get the book out, and hand it to the second person without having to walk all the way back into the other room. Cache memory functions like that backpack, it stores previously accessed data in a specific area with a limited amount of memory so that the processor can get this data much more quickly.

Diary Of A Fiery Chameleon (Animal Diary Book 35)

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