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The Best Runelite Plugins for Questing, Bossing, Skilling, and More

How to Download RuneLite Plugins for OSRS

If you play Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you might have heard of RuneLite, a free, open-source, and super fast client that offers many features and improvements over the official game client. But did you know that you can also download and install various plugins that add even more functionality and customization to your RuneLite client? In this article, we will show you how to access and install both official and unofficial plugins from RuneLite, as well as some of the best plugins you should try.

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What are RuneLite plugins and why do you need them?

RuneLite plugins are extensions that add extra features and functionality to the RuneLite client. They can enhance your gameplay experience, improve your performance, and customize your interface. For example, some plugins can show you helpful information, such as timers, overlays, indicators, guides, etc. Some plugins can change the look and feel of your game, such as graphics, sounds, menus, etc. Some plugins can also automate or simplify certain actions, such as swapping menus, dropping items , etc. Some plugins can also provide you with tools and utilities, such as calculators, trackers, loggers, etc.

With RuneLite plugins, you can tailor your OSRS experience to your own needs and preferences. You can also discover new ways to play the game and enjoy it more. Whether you are a casual player or a hardcore gamer, there is a plugin for you.

How to access the official RuneLite plugins

The official RuneLite plugins are the ones that are included in the RuneLite client by default. They are developed and maintained by the RuneLite team and are guaranteed to be safe and compliant with Jagex's 3rd party client rules. These plugins are also regularly updated and improved to keep up with the game updates and feedback from the community.

To access the official RuneLite plugins, you need to download and install the RuneLite client from [3]( Once you have done that, you can open the client and click on the wrench icon on the right side of the screen. This will open the settings menu, where you can browse through the list of available plugins and toggle them on or off as you wish. You can also configure each plugin by clicking on its name and adjusting its options.

How to access the Plugin Hub for unofficial RuneLite plugins

The Plugin Hub is a repository of plugins that are created and maintained by members of the community who are not officially affiliated with RuneLite. These plugins are verified by RuneLite developers to ensure they comply with Jagex's 3rd party client rules and are not malicious in some other way. However, they are not endorsed or supported by RuneLite, so use them at your own risk and discretion.

To access the Plugin Hub, you need to enable it in the RuneLite settings. To do that, click on the wrench icon and then on the "RuneLite" tab. Scroll down to the bottom and check the box that says "Enable loading of external plugins". Restart the client for the changes to take effect. How to install plugins from the Plugin Hub

After enabling external plugins, you can browse through the Plugin Hub by clicking on the star icon on the right side of the screen. This will open the Plugin Hub menu, where you can see all the available plugins and their descriptions, ratings, and active installs. You can also sort the plugins by active installs, time updated, or time added.

How to install runelite plugin hub

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Runelite Quest Helper plugin - how to complete quests faster

Runelite GPU renderer plugin - improve graphics and performance

Runelite Bank Tags plugin - how to organize your bank

Runelite Mahogany Homes plugin - track your contracts and rewards

Runelite Kitten plugin - take care of your cat

Runelite Menu Entry Swapper plugin - customize your right-click options

Runelite Loot Tracker plugin - see what you've earned

Runelite Plank Sack plugin - see what's inside your sack

Runelite C Engineer plugin - get notified when you achieve something

Runelite Path Finder plugin - find the shortest route on the map

Runelite XP Drop Customizer plugin - change the look of your xp drops

Runelite Tile Markers plugin - mark tiles for various purposes

Runelite Max Hit plugin - see your potential damage output

Runelite NPC Radius plugin - see the range of NPCs around you

Runelite Optimal Quest Guide plugin - follow the best order for questing

Runelite Wilderness Multi Combat Areas plugin - avoid getting piled in the wildy

Runelite Item Waster Checker plugin - see what items are taking up space in your bank

Runelite Monster Drop Table plugin - see what loot you can get from monsters

Runelite Gear Setup Saver plugin - save and load gear presets for different activities

Runelite UI Customizer plugin - change the appearance of the interface

Runelite Giant's Foundry plugin - helpful overlays for the minigame vs - what's the difference?

How to update runelite plugins manually or automatically?

How to uninstall runelite plugins or disable them?

How to create your own runelite plugins or modify existing ones?

How to find new or popular runelite plugins on the Plugin Hub?

How to report bugs or issues with runelite plugins or request new features?

How to donate or support runelite plugins developers or RuneLite itself?

How to join the runelite plugins community or discord server?

How to verify that runelite plugins are safe and compliant with Jagex rules?

How to troubleshoot common problems with runelite plugins or RuneLite client?

How to optimize runelite plugins settings for your playstyle or preferences?

How to use runelite plugins with other clients or platforms?

How to access runelite plugins data or statistics or export them?

How to learn more about runelite plugins or RuneLite client?

To install a plugin from the Plugin Hub, simply click on it and then on the "Install" button. The plugin will be downloaded and added to your RuneLite client. You can then configure it by clicking on its name in the settings menu. You can also uninstall or update plugins from the same menu by clicking on the "Uninstall" or "Update" buttons.

Some of the best RuneLite plugins you should try

There are hundreds of plugins to choose from, both official and unofficial, so you can find something that suits your needs and preferences. However, if you are overwhelmed by the choices or don't know where to start, here are some of the most popular and useful plugins that you should try.

Here is a table of some of the best plugins from both the official list and the Plugin Hub:

Plugin Name




GPU renderer with a suite of graphical enhancements



Panel to show Zulrah rotations

Plugin Hub

Quest Helper

A helper for questing


NPC Aggression Timer

Shows when NPCs will stop being aggressive towards you


Bank Tags

Allows you to organize your bank with custom tags and tabs


Loot Logger

Tracks your loot from various activities and bosses


Menu Entry Swapper

Provides various menu swaps to improve your gameplay convenience


Ground Items

Shows items on the ground with their names and values


Player Indicators

Highlights players with various options such as friends, clan, team, etc.


Cox Helper

All-in-one plugin for Chambers of Xeric

Plugin Hub


RuneLite plugins are a great way to enhance your OSRS experience and customize your client to your liking. You can access both official and unofficial plugins from the RuneLite client with ease. There are hundreds of plugins to choose from, so you can find something that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you want to improve your graphics, performance, interface, or gameplay, there is a plugin for you.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to download RuneLite plugins for OSRS and discover some of the best ones out there. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is RuneLite safe to use?

A: Yes, RuneLite is safe to use as long as you download it from the official website [3]( It is also open-source, which means anyone can inspect its code and verify its integrity. However, be careful when downloading external plugins from the Plugin Hub, as they are not endorsed or supported by RuneLite. Always check the ratings


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