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Windows Performance Recorder (WPR.exe)

I'm doing a timer that counts to milliseconds, and when milliseconds reached their end its stops the script.Why I wont the code repeating until its finish its because the Windows performance recorder is working behind the scene and wpr is working with time and we have to stop the wpr manually.The problem is the timer that I have doesn't stop the WPR when its remotely launched. timer working great locally.

Windows Performance Recorder (WPR.exe)

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ETWAnalyzer is developed by Siemens Healthineers as its first public open source project. Full Disclosure: I work for Siemens Healthineers. One motivation to make it public was to show how incredibly useful ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) is to track down performance issues in production and development environments. It is one of the best technologies for performance troubleshooting Microsoft has invented, but it is valued by far too few people. ETW is part of Windows and you need no additional tools or code instrumentation to record ETW data! Starting with Windows 10 the Windows Performance Recorder (wpr.exe) is part of the OS. You have a slow system? In that case I would open an Administrator cmd shell and type

Why the CPU utilization is near to 100% on my server machine? Why there is a steady decrease in the available memory? Why the calls are getting dropped? We often get these kinds of questions If we are from a performance upkeep team. And most of the times we do not know the answers of any of those questions. Fortunately, now, Microsoft has come for our rescue with Microsoft performance toolkit. Using this toolkit, you can answer which API / function of your server consumes high percentage of CPU time. You can answer which function is leaking memory, where the network is getting stuck. You can track almost all the OS resources like disk I/O, File I/O, Power usage, GPU activity, audio, video and many more. In this article we will see how to use the windows performance tool kit to do high CPU utilization analysis and memory leak analysis.

Windows performance toolkit has two main components: Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance analyzer(WPA). Windows performance recorder is used to record windows session. It can record all activities / events and resource consumption for the current session. The collected data is then stored in a file. Windows performance analyzer is used to analyze the data collected by WPR.

In the following program functions highCPU(), midCPU() and lowCPU() are CPU bound functions. The names given to these functions indicate the level of CPU usage. Function memoryLeak() leaks some memory allocated on heap. This function is used to demonstrate the memory leak analysis. First, start recording session using windows performance recorder (WPR) and then start executing the following program. Once the program finishes execution stop the recording and open the recorded file in windows performance analyzer.

Tool: Windows Performance Toolkit (Xperf, WPRUI and WPR) updated version as of Aug. 2013 -us/archive/blogs/yongrhee/tool-windows-performance-toolkit-xperf-wprui-and-wpr-updated-version-as-of-aug-2013

XP/Server2003:Xperf.exe, XPerfView.exe and XbootMgr.exe missing after installing the WPT (Windows Performance ToolKit) -server2003-xperf-exe-xperfview-exe-and-xbootmgr-exe-missing-after-installing-the-wpt-windows-performance-toolkit.aspx

WPR is based on ETW (Event Trace for Windows), different windows kernel components register themselves as kernel providers, when the provider is enabled, the corresponding kernel component will write performance data into the kernel ring buffers, then the consumers are able to read them from the ring buffers, when providers are disabled, they have no cost to the system, just like Tracepoint in Linux

Back to our topic, to collect performance data of git for windows, we use WPR, WPR can collect a lot of performance data, usually, we only enable necessary providers according to the problems we faced, here we pick First Level triage and CPU usage, if you scroll down the list, you can see some common scenarios, and pick them the WPR can automatically enable the necessary providers.

XP/Server2003:Xperf.exe, XPerfView.exe and XbootMgr.exe missing after installing the WPT (Windows Performance ToolKit) -server2003-xperf-exe-xperfview-exe-and-xbootmgr-exe-missing-after-installing-the-wpt-windows-performance-toolkit.aspx


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