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UPD Download Xtream 1000 Users Docx

Gnostice is pleased to announce the release of Version of PDFOne .NET, our all-in-one PDF component suite for .NET developers. In this release, we have introduced an AJAX-powered MVC PDF viewer control. This enables ASP.NET MVC web applications to display PDF documents without requiring Adobe PDF library or GhostScript on the server. End-users can view and print PDF documents straight from their browsers without requiring a client-side Adobe Reader plugin. The MVC extension supports client-side JavaScript programming as well. Several new classes and overloaded methods have been introduced to control the rendering of annotations and form fields when viewing, printing, generating metafiles or converting to raster images. Several other enhancements and fixes are also included. As this is a major update, all current XtremeDevSystem .NET and PDFOne .NET customers (those who made their purchases in the last year) will get it free. We will send the registered download links by e-mail. All old customers can get this update at a discount.

Download xtream 1000 users docx

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