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The Ultimate Guide to Zombie Infection 2: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Zombie Infection 2: A Review of the Mobile Game

If you are a fan of zombie games, you might have heard of Zombie Infection 2, a mobile game developed by Gameloft and released in 2011. This game is a sequel to Zombie Infection, which was also a popular action-adventure game that featured zombies, guns, and gore. But how does Zombie Infection 2 compare to its predecessor? Is it worth playing in 2023? In this article, we will review Zombie Infection 2 and tell you everything you need to know about this game.

zombie infection 2


What is Zombie Infection 2?

Zombie Infection 2 is a mobile game that belongs to the action-adventure genre. It is a zombie-themed game that follows the story of three playable characters: Anderson, a New York hero who survived the first zombie outbreak; Keysha, his attractive biographer who accompanies him to Brazil; and Jeremi, a native warrior who joins them in their quest to stop the source of infection. The game has 12 levels that take place in various locations in South America, such as jungles, villages, mines, temples, and laboratories. The game also has different types of zombies, weapons, puzzles, and boss fights.

What are the main features of the game?

Some of the main features of Zombie Infection 2 are:

  • Three playable characters, each with their own personality, skills, and weapons.

  • A moving crosshair system that allows you to aim and shoot while moving.

  • A shop system that lets you buy ammo, health, and upgrades with money collected from killing zombies.

  • A dialogue system that adds humor and character development to the story.

  • A variety of action sequences and set pieces that keep the gameplay exciting and diverse.

How does the game compare to its predecessor?

Zombie Infection 2 is a sequel that improves on many aspects of Zombie Infection. The graphics are more polished and detailed, with impressive effects such as explosions, fire, smoke, and blood. The sound is also more immersive and realistic, with zombie groans, gunshots, screams, and music. The gameplay is more refined and balanced, with better controls, difficulty, and pacing. The story is more engaging and coherent, with more dialogue, twists, and surprises. The game also has more content and replay value, with more levels, zombies, weapons, puzzles, and challenges.


How do you control the characters?

The game uses a simple and intuitive control scheme that works well on mobile devices. You can use either touch or keypad controls to move your character around. You can also use buttons to perform actions such as shooting, reloading, switching weapons, interacting with objects, or using items. The game also has an auto-aim feature that helps you target zombies more easily. You can switch between characters at certain points in the story or replay levels with different characters to experience different gameplay styles.

What are the different types of zombies and weapons?

The game has a variety of zombies that pose different threats to your survival. Some of them are:

  • <li Walkers: The most common and basic type of zombies. They are slow and weak, but can swarm you in large numbers.

  • Runners: Faster and more agile than walkers, they can chase you down and jump over obstacles.

  • Spitters: Zombies that can spit acid at you from a distance, causing damage and slowing you down.

  • Exploders: Zombies that can explode when they get close to you, dealing massive damage and knocking you back.

  • Bosses: Special zombies that have unique abilities and require more strategy and firepower to defeat.

The game also has a variety of weapons that you can use to fight the zombies. Some of them are:

  • Pistols: The most basic and reliable weapons. They have good accuracy and rate of fire, but low damage and range.

  • Shotguns: Powerful weapons that can deal a lot of damage at close range, but have low accuracy and ammo capacity.

  • Rifles: Long-range weapons that can shoot zombies from afar, but have low rate of fire and recoil.

  • Grenades: Explosive weapons that can damage multiple zombies at once, but have limited supply and can hurt you if you are too close.

  • Melee weapons: Weapons that you can use to hit zombies with, such as knives, machetes, or axes. They have high damage and no ammo cost, but require you to get close to the zombies.

What are the different locations and scenarios?

The game has 12 levels that take place in different locations in South America, such as jungles, villages, mines, temples, and laboratories. Each location has its own layout, environment, and hazards that affect the gameplay. For example, in the jungle, you have to deal with dense vegetation, wild animals, and traps. In the village, you have to interact with friendly or hostile locals, find clues, and solve puzzles. In the mine, you have to navigate through dark tunnels, avoid cave-ins, and fight zombies in tight spaces. In the temple, you have to explore ancient ruins, dodge traps, and face ancient evils. In the laboratory, you have to infiltrate a secret facility, hack computers, and stop the source of infection.

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How challenging and fun is the game?

The game is challenging and fun for both casual and hardcore gamers. The game has three difficulty modes that affect the number and strength of zombies, the amount of ammo and health available, and the damage you take. The game also has a scoring system that rewards you for killing zombies in different ways, such as headshots, combos, or environmental kills. The game also has achievements that challenge you to complete certain tasks or objectives in the game. The game also has a survival mode that tests your skills and endurance against endless waves of zombies. The game is fun because it offers a lot of variety and action in its gameplay. You can use different weapons and strategies to kill zombies. You can explore different locations and scenarios that keep the game fresh and interesting. You can also enjoy the story and dialogue that add humor and character to the game.

Graphics and Sound

How does the game look and sound?

The game looks and sounds great for a mobile game. The graphics are detailed and colorful, with realistic lighting, shadows, and textures. The animations are smooth and fluid, with realistic movements and expressions. The effects are impressive and satisfying, with explosions, fire, smoke, blood splatter. The sound is immersive and realistic , with zombie groans, gunshots, screams, and music. The voice acting is also well done, with different accents and emotions. The game also has subtitles that help you follow the story and dialogue.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the graphics and sound?

The strengths of the graphics and sound are that they create a realistic and immersive experience that makes you feel like you are in a zombie apocalypse. The graphics and sound also enhance the mood and atmosphere of the game, making it more thrilling and suspenseful. The weaknesses of the graphics and sound are that they can sometimes cause lag or glitches on some devices, especially older or low-end ones. The graphics and sound also consume a lot of battery and memory, so you might need to adjust the settings or close other apps to optimize the performance of the game.

How do they enhance the atmosphere and immersion of the game?

The graphics and sound enhance the atmosphere and immersion of the game by making you feel like you are part of the story and the action. The graphics and sound make you see and hear what the characters see and hear, such as zombies, weapons, environments, and events. The graphics and sound also make you feel what the characters feel, such as fear, excitement, pain, or relief. The graphics and sound also make you care about what happens to the characters, such as their survival, their relationships, or their goals.


What are the pros and cons of Zombie Infection 2?

The pros of Zombie Infection 2 are:

It has a fun and engaging gameplay that offers a lot of variety

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