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[S2E6] Mika's Musical

The next day at the S.W.A.G. and Man's Nest headquarters, Mika is scrambling to write a quick stage play script while Bose and Chapa question her and Miles about why and how they're going to put on a stage play. Chapa tries to convince Mika to make it a musical so she can sing in the play and showcase her theatrical and musical singing talents, but Mika tells her no because she fears they won't have enough time and resources to do so.

[S2E6] Mika's Musical

Meanwhile on the local news with Trent Overunder and Mary Gaperman, Frankini is doing an interview about how he went to see the musical "Cats", but he gets interrupted by a "better theater critic", who is actually Schwoz in disguise, who uses his surprise interview with Trent and Mary to advertise to the city of Swellview Danger Force's school play about the history of Swellview. Back at the Man Cave and S.W.A.G. school campus, the kids are hard at work rushing to prepare for the play and put it together when Vice Mayor Willard calls the Man Cave on the emergency video chat line. Vice Mayor Willard and his wife, Bose's mom, are on the screen, and they ask Captain Man and the Danger Force to provide security for them as they will be attending the S.W.A.G. school play, as Bose's Mom fears Vice Mayor Willard will be kidnapped again, because of his recurring kidnapping problem from different Swellview criminals and villains.

Upon realizing this, AWOL and Volt apologize to Frankini for fighting him and threaten Vice Mayor Willard to tell his wife and Bose the truth unless he agrees to sit through the rest of the play to support his stepson Bose. He reluctantly agrees and goes back into the auditorium and the rest of the kids go back into the auditorium to finish the play. They then ask Frankini to help them out with the rest of the play by helping them to sing and perform a big musical number at the finale, to help impress Miles and Mika's dad and aunt so they'll let them stay in the Sw.A.G. school. Frankini and the Danger Force kids do such a good job singing and performing that they get a standing ovation. Miles and Mika's dad and aunt then agree to let them stay in Sw.A.G and Schwoz, still in his disguise as the movie critic from the news interview, gives the Danger Force kids an award for "The Best Play I Ever Done Seen." The episode ends as the stage set accidentally falls on top of Frankini, and the Danger Force try to lift it up off of him to help him.

Following a fight with Arson Boy, Danger Force celebrates their victory with hamburgers. After Volt and Brainstorm depart, AWOL and ShoutOut change back into Miles and Mika as Herman comes out who informs them that Mrs. Offskrin's daughter got into Harbard due to her curricular activities. To get out of Herm-School that will also be overseen by their aunt Officer Walnut after calling Angela about it from her trip at Burning Man. Mika makes up a curriculum about the history of Swellview. Mika and Miles rope in Ray, Chapa, and Bose into helping them put on a play by the deadline. Trent and Mary interview Frankini about his review of Cats when he gets cut off by Schowz in the alias of play critic Gene Onion from Big City who talks about "The History of Swellview: As Told Through the Burger Parties". At the Man's Nest, Danger Force works on developing the play when they get a call from Vice Mayor Willard and Celia who want Danger Force to make sure Vice Mayor Willard doesn't get kidnapped. When it comes to the day of the play, Danger Force works to put on the play while working to keep Vice Mayor Willard safe. ShoutOut recognizes one of the audience members as Frankini in disguise. ShoutOut and Brainstorm swap with Volt and AWOL to make sure that Frankini doesn't kidnap Vice Mayor Willard. As Mika and Bose perform their scene, Volt and AWOL find that Frankini has kidnapped Vice Mayor Willard. They catch up to Frankini in the restroom and subdue him. Herman hears the conflict from where the play is as Officer Walnut states that she is off duty. He claims that it's not a real kidnapping as Vice Mayor Willard hired him to kidnap him whenever he doesn't want to do certain things like attending Bose's play. Volt intimidates Vice Mayor Willard to continue watching the play. Through a suggestion from Frankini, the rest of the play is turned into a musical with Frankini helping out as they sing "Burger Party". The play turns out to be a success with even Vice Mayor Willard, Herman, and Officer Walnut impressed. Schwoz' Gene Onion alias gives SW.A.G the award for the best play he has ever seen. Ray accepts the award as part of the set falls on Frankini causing everyone to get it off him.

At the Man's Nest, Schwoz has Danger Force partake in Yo-Yo Yoga. While Miles goes on a Yo-Yo Yoga retreat at Stretch Mountain, Ray shows off his new teeth where everyone ridicules him. Ray gets an alert that Mitch Bilsky is causing trouble at Hip Hop Puree. ShoutOut finds that Officer Walnut has already arrested him for sucking puree out of a machine where they meet a child judge named Judge Tootie who presides over the trial. The Kid Lawyer advises Mitch to plead guilty. He does and is sentenced to 20 years in Swellview Prison. Due to Mitch having not graduated high school, ShoutOut persuades Judge Tootie to let him try to graduate at SW.A.G. Ray is informed about what happened as he is persuaded to help Mitch graduate high school....especially due to the fact that the Mitch's ancestor Abageezer will give his inheritance to the first Bilsky to graduate. Mika claims that Ray will use the money to get the ridiculed teeth out. Miss Shapen drops off Mitch for his first day at SW.A.G. Jeff crashes the class to try to rob the dirt in Vice Mayor Willard's backyard only to be repelled by Mika as Jeff plans to get those billions. As Mitch states that Bilsky's can't learn stuff, Chapa and Mika help him out as they do a montage with a musical number. After the successful progression, Mitch succeeds in some of his lessions as Officer Walnut arrives with Jeff who states that Mitch helped him steal some fur-covered turtles (or "furtles" for short) from the pet store. Officer Walnut finds fur-covered turtles in Mitch's pants as he claims that he was set up. Mika states that if Mitch graduates before Judge Tootie arrives, she can wipe the slate clean as Miss Shapen is enlisted to take the final exam. Mitch goes through the different parts of the final exam which he passes until the final part that involves beating Miss Shapen in arm-wrestling where she got strong from using a weighted pen. Mitch struggles against Miss Shapen and manages to overcome her. Judge Tootie arrives as Mika stated that Mitch has graduated. Miss Shapen leaves as Judge Tootie wipes his slate clean. Jeff flees from Officer Walnut after mentioning that he framed Mitch by planting the "furtles" in his pants. Mitch gives his inheritants to himself much to the dismay of Ray. After Mitch leaves, Ray states that he won't be able to get the money to regain his regular teeth. Bose asks Ray if he knows how much Kid Dentist charges as he mentions that he is also a lawyer. This is proven right as the same kid arrives after a game with Judge Tootie and prepares to work on Ray's teeth with a drill.

The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen is a weekly radio show that if aired live in Fayetteville Arkansas and around the world. In each episode, Wendy and Topher interview a musical guest, a health guest, and a guest in the green zone which is about plant medicine including cannabis. Often, and entertainment guest will also join in the conversation. The show will uplift, inspire and entertain you.

Two musical pieces are used through the series: the opening theme, "Super Shooter" by Rip Slyme, and the ending theme, "Last Kiss" by Bonnie Pink. The Gantz anime is divided into two seasons: The first season is known as "The First Stage", while the second season is known as "The Second Stage", which is a direct continuation of the first season. The First Stage aired in Japan with several scenes censored due to inappropriate content such as violence or nudity. However, the DVDs from the series contained the scenes uncensored.[4] The Second Stage aired on Japanese network AT-X on August 26, 2004.[5] There are a total of 12 Japanese DVDs, released from August 28, 2004 to June 29, 2005. Additionally, the DVDs were compillated into box sets.[6] 041b061a72


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