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Melanie Martinez DEATH Official Music Video Ful...

On June 1, 2015, Martinez released the single "Pity Party", which was certified gold by the RIAA, and the chorus of which samples Lesley Gore's "It's My Party".[43] On July 10, 2015, Martinez released the album's second single "Soap".[44] The official music video has over thirty million views on YouTube. It reached number twelve on the Alternative Digital Songs chart, and number sixteen on the Pop Digital Songs chart.[42] "Sippy Cup" followed on July 31, followed by the album fourteen days later.[45][46] Cry Baby was released on August 14, 2015, to moderate critical acclaim.[47][48][49] The album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200.[42] Martinez released a Christmas-themed single, "Gingerbread Man", in December 2015. She initially released the song on SoundCloud on December 21, 2015, as a "gift for her fans", but later released the track on iTunes in January 2016 as a single.[20][50] The music video of her song "Cry Baby" was released on March 14, 2016.[51][52] The karaoke-style music video for "Alphabet Boy", which Martinez directed, was released on June 2, 2016. Martinez released double feature videos for "Soap" and "Training Wheels" together, as well as "Tag, You're It" and "Milk and Cookies."[53][54]

Melanie Martinez DEATH Official Music Video Ful...

It's been unofficially confirmed that it it will drop alongside a music video since a couple of online stores that will be selling PORTALS has more or less confirmed in the description of the album that the lead single was 'DEATH' and would be dropping March 17th with a music video! 041b061a72


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