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Garageband Instrument Library Is Invalid !NEW!

LASS is our famous original 60-piece multi-instrument divisi string library, painstakingly developed by recording three different divisi sections ( + + section at a time) on a trusted scoring stage, for unprecedented individual control of each section. We have also recorded First Chair players so you can layer them with the sections or use them as soloists. From the delicate tones of a divisi section playing Sustains and beautiful Legatos, to the power of Staccatos and Spiccatos and everything in between, LA Scoring Strings 3 captures the broad expressive range and diversity of the orchestral string family while providing the flexibility to create smaller intimate section sounds. Pristine recordings and meticulous editing ensure every note of your music will shine.

Garageband Instrument Library Is Invalid

This is another orchestral library that includes some decent-sounding choir samples as a bonus category. Choir patches include: Elven choir sustain vowels, female choir staccato and sustain, and male choir staccato and sustain. The instruments also feature selectable syllables and vowels. The staccato instrument has a random button that will trigger a different syllable with every note. Very addictive!

This is a full-featured orchestral library well-worth it just for the instrumental sounds, so the choir instruments are really icing on the cake. As with most instruments from Orchestral Tools, the main GUI page is kept simple with just a large dial in the center for dynamics and performative gestures. Digging deeper will expose controls for miking options, envelope controls and round robin choices. These are natural sounding samples that offer realism in a simple to use interface, allowing you to quickly lay down vocal accompaniment to any existing texture. There is a large collection of multis that take advantage of the powerful orchestral instrumental collection, and when combined with the choir samples you can achieve everything from monumental & heroic styles to dark & disturbed and all points in-between. There is an intensity in these samples that seems to emerge regardless of the particular instrument used. This is the fourth iteration of the Metropolis Ark series and each predecessor has focused on a certain character and emotional impact. After experiencing this version you will undoubtedly want to get all four!

This is a dedicated choir-based library that is billed as a sound design tool that uses multi-samples of male and female choirs and solo voices. It comes packed with a nice collection of effects, modulation possibilities and hundreds of presets. When you start combining presets in the two sound engines the possibilities are endless for vocal-based textures, or you can use the performance patch for more traditional sounds with four-syllable choices. You can do a lot with this instrument, but it really excels at creating choir-based pads and processed vocal sounds.

To create scores and parts from a given MIDI file in a notation software, one needs to know and to understand the structure of the template that was used in the DAW from where the MIDI file was exported. What library played what articulation? What instrument track was doubled or copied to trigger multiple, say, string patches? How were the drums organized?


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