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Favourite 50: C Interview Question Bank Madhulika Reddy

Patient demographic and personal characteristics evaluated for difficult airway risk prediction included age, sex, body mass index, weight, and height. Clinical characteristics assessed included a history of difficult intubation, distorted airway anatomy, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus, or findings from diagnostic tests (e.g., radiography, computed tomography), patient interviews, and questionnaires. Measurement of facial and jaw features included mouth opening, the ability to prognath, head and neck mobility, prominent upper incisors, presence of a beard, and an upper lip bite test. Anatomical measures included Mallampati and modified Mallampati scores, thyromental distance, sternomental distance, interincisor distance, neck circumference, ratio of neck circumference to thyromental distance, ratio of height to thyromental distance, hyomental distance, and hyomental distance ratio. Measurements obtained from ultrasound included skin-to-hyoid distance, tongue volume, and distance from skin to epiglottis.

Favourite 50: C Interview Question Bank Madhulika Reddy


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